Echo of Dreams is a pop rock music band formed by Paulo Mendonca (lead guitar and songwriter) and Jaime Teixeira (rhythm guitar) in Madeira Island, Portugal in 2023. An interesting fact about the group is the story behind its creation. Echo of Dreams is a project born thanks to a very realistic, extraordinary dream. After more than 30 years out of the music business Paulo Mendonca had a mystery dream connected with the drummer of the famous band Foo Fighters. This was not just a dream, something extremely mysteriously happened that night. Something more, when he woke up in the morning Paulo understood that at the same night Taylor Hawkins had passed away.  This was not just a dream. 

He gave a promise to Taylor that he will never stop playing guitar and now he is back stronger, more motivated than ever and inspired to make music, which is coming from his soul. Together with Jaime Teixeira, who was deeply touched by Paulo’s dream and fully believed in him, they created the music pop rock band Echo of Dreams. The project has a different concept for making music out of the standard borders connecting with different artists from different countries. The band is ready to surprise the rock fans with great pop rock music, memorable texts and impact singers and powerful performance.

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